Terms of Service

Terms, Conditions and Forms of Payment

  1. Charges Due in Full When Due: You must pay for all Service actually performed at your request and/or direction, including Service that you add or that exceeds our minimum hours of your Service needs and requirements ("Additional Service"). Your Deposit payment is due, based on the Services selected, at the time of your reservation. The remaining Balance Due, your Minimum Rate less the Deposit, is to be paid at the completion of Services to the Supplier or Movers providing such Services. Final payment for your Balance Due plus all Additional Service performed for you is due immediately upon the completion of the Service.
  2. Form of Payment: Payment of Deposit must be made by credit card at the time of booking. Final payment for the Balance Due can be made on site at the completion of Services by credit card or cash. No checks are accepted!
  3. Credit Refusal: An administrative charge of $50 or 2% of your Service charges, whichever is greater, will apply for each instance in which a charge to a credit or debit card that you authorize is not honored due to insufficiency of funds/available credit ("credit refusal").
  4. Interest Charge: Any outstanding balance of charges due and owing to us ("outstanding balance") will accrue a monthly interest charge in an amount equal to the lesser of an amount calculated by multiplying the outstanding balance by:
    1. a percentage rate of 1.5% or
    2. the maximum rate allowed by law.
  5. Cost of Collection: You will be charged all costs that we incur to collect charges that are due and owing to us for Service rendered, including, but not limited to, all legal fees and all costs of arbitration/litigation, including cost incurred to execute on any award or judgment.
  6. You are financially responsible for the hours and men ordered for the service ordered.

Cancellations, Reschedules & Fees

  1. Cancellation of Service: Cancellation of any Service must be made by notifying My Two Movers by e-mail at info@mytwomovers.com  or by phone at (601) 850-6454 All cancellations are subject to a fee of $64.00 per Service. If you cancel Service 24 hours or less before a scheduled Service date, You will forfeit any deposit that was paid. This is because we have not had time to book another move in your spot! To avoid this, if you know that you need to cancel your move then the best thing to do is Call us as soon as Possible (601) 850-6454
  2. Reschedule Requests: My Two Movers will make every attempt possible to reschedule your Service for the requested Service Date and time. Reschedules are based on availability, My Two Movers makes no guarantee that Service will be available for your requested date/time until such time that My Two Movers confirms availability for your request. To inquire about a reschedule date/time for your Service contact us at (601)-850-6454. There are no fees or charges associated with a reschedule request assuming the request is placed with at least 2 Business Days notice. If MTM is unable to accommodate your newly requested date/time you are still subject to the cancellation fees as set forth herein.
  3. Pending Status: My Two Movers will place your reservation for Service into Pending Status at your request. Pending Status will allow you to reschedule your reservation without penalty for up to THREE months from the requested date. The terms and conditions still apply for a reschedule request at the time of rescheduling.
  4. If it is raining then we will reschedule based on our availability, if weather prevents us from moving. if you cancel based on My Two Movers rescheduling your move, then you will forfiet your $64.00 deposit.
  5. Insurance: It doesn't happen often, but if your movers damage something during your move, they will send My Two Movers a damage report. We reserve the right to repair damage(s) in question. if we determine the damage cannot be repaired, we reserve the right to replace the item or compensate you with the item's current cash value. My Two Movers is not a transportation company and not responsible for any damages during transportation.Also if you do not have moving blankets to protect your furniture, we are not responsible for any damages that occure at any time.